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 =Discussion= Forum Rules

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PostSubject: =Discussion= Forum Rules   Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:26 pm

The Rules below serve for all kinds of "discussion" forums:

1. Act mature when speaking to other members of the Forum.

2. Don't double post.

3. Don't post topics here unless it serves a purpose, even if its in the Spam Forum.

4. Try not to revive topics that are at least a month old, unless it is urgent.

5. Don't post anything that just has the Quote bubble in it. I think writers will feel more grateful if you post what you want to say again instead of just quoting to agree with what other posters have already said. I have seen this a lot on other sites. I consider it as spam and it will be deleted, anyone who is warned not to do it and still continues to do it will resolve in a temporary ban. (Sorry, but if you don't understand what I mean here. PM me)

6. When a discussion thread is at least one month old then recreate a new one in its place. Then begin discussion the topic there.
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=Discussion= Forum Rules
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