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PostSubject: Rank/Status   Rank/Status Icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 10:57 pm

[Administrators] [Forum Moderators] [Public Moderator] [Epistler]

Okay, I know this is always shown on the bottom of the Forum Homepage but I'm going to remind you anyway.

All Administrator's names are blue
All Forum Moderator's names are yellow
All Public Moderator's names are teal
All Epistler's names are green.

Rank/Status 2ik4pc9
Okay, so User 'L3gend' (that's me) has blue text.


Rank/Status 2uihvnl
And User 'Nikturne' also has blue text


But then again looking more closely.
Rank/Status Nwcvww
I have to remind y'all that, it is the color of the text that really matters not the status/or the ranking.
User 'L3gend' is labeled as a Admin.


Now, let's look more closely to our other user.
Rank/Status R2rfhs
User 'Nikturne' is also (like we noticed in the first set of screenies) an Admin but is currently labeled as an original member.
That is because of the way I am choosing to function this site.


Conclusion: Always remember to look at the color of the user's name to see whether or not if they have any special rights position. Do not just simply look at what their rank currently is. Remember it and thanks.
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