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 =Moderator= Rules

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PostSubject: =Moderator= Rules   =Moderator= Rules Icon_minitimeMon Jun 13, 2011 8:28 pm

The Rules below only apply to those whom have any kind of Moderator-status (Public Moderators, Forum Moderators, Administrators and Epistlers):

-User creating 2 posts (or more) in a row, will have the 2nd post deleted and merged/edited with the 1st one. (EDIT: [2nd Post])

-Topics in the General Discussion reaching 2 pages of out of topic posts should and can be locked.

-Topics in the General Discussion must never be deleted, only locked unless a user makes a double-topic post.

-Topics containing Inappropriate Material (You know what I'm talking about, I don't want any of it in writing or in pictures.) must be removed of it's content and locked. ([Content Removed])

-Topics in the Random Section can be locked by request (I'll leave it at 3 requests for now) or by significant reason. (Dead Topic, Encouraging Spam Posts etc.)

-Topics in any section cannot be locked without a reason. (Topic Locked - [Reason])

-Random, Artistic, Other-related topics in the General Discussion are to be moved to their rightful forum.

-Under no condition are any topics allowed to be claimed 'Spam Topics' and encourage multiple posting. These topics are to be locked, unless it is in the Spam Forum.

-The Spam section will only have an exceeding post limit of 2 (in a row). Meaning, you are allowed to double post in Spam Topics. The rest of the other forums will remain as it is.

-Editing a user's posts 'for fun' is strictly not allowed unless used for warnings and/or replies. However, a user's message can only be edited for a few reasons. If you are editing to correct someone then that is fine but be sure to edit it out with a different color and add a little text somewhere on the post describing what you had edited and lastly, sign your forum name on the bottom of the post.
As the site leader I have the ability to track IP Addresses so if I find out that any of you are abusing your mod. powers. I will take the liberty of stripping all your mod. rights but that's not all. If I seen it happen not once but multiple times then I will give you a ban, whether if it's a temporary ban or a permanent ban relies completely on your attitude. Bad language will not be tolerated, I am generally a easy-going guy but I won't be taking something like this lightly. In a way, abusing your mod. rights is the same as taking away another's freedom of speech. You have been warned.

And again, there may be other rules to mention but it isn't needed, I trust that all my moderators' judgement is good. You all should know what to do.

We shouldn't have any complaints. Any senseless objections to this matter from the chosen moderators, can gladly give up his/her title; and be replaced by someone else. Anyone who can't fulfill their duties will be booted from here.

Right now, we are currently looking for more moderators. If any of you have a suggestions on whomever is eligible for the task then post it in the Suggestion Forum.

And if any of you want to be a moderator, yourself. Then please tell us why you feel you should be one, then we'll wait it out by checking your posts and see how well you interact with other forumites. Remember, like how it was stated above, Moderator-ship is not supposed to be all fun-and-games. We only want to take in the best that will help this site evolve faster. On another note, grammar will also help you greatly in becoming a moderator. I'm not saying it will be guaranteed nor am I saying that we will only be choosing members who have good grammar. We, personally, just think that good spelling and grammar is most definitely an up.
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=Moderator= Rules
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